Thursday, 9 April 2009

The fancied image strays

I've asked several artists to respond to Blake with images. Joe Coppard provided a frontispiece on Tuesday; more from him later this week or next. The wonderful pictures below are Rob Gallagher's. Enjoy.

Maiden Cultural Illiteracy Surpriz'd & Avail'd of the Fruit of Presumptive, Deniable, and Unarticulated Knowledge by SE14, Allegorickally and Sinuously Incarnate

A newtonesque in various opacities

A 3/4 face

Rob commented:
Thinking roughly that if his figures tend to look gravity-bound and rigidly contained then blog-era counterparts might be more to do with porous borders, interimplication, weightlessness, atrophy, overlays, prostheses, whether Blake'd be happier about the existence of all these publishing tools than he would vexed by their immateriality and the question of who's supplying them, how and why...
More Rob here.

All these images and more at Flickr.


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